Global Warming is a Huge Problem.

Help us do something about it!

Viridius Property is committed to the idea that global warming is the most serious problem facing humanity and that buildings are a big contributor to the carbon emissions that cause global warming. We want to help!

It’s awesome that some green builders are creating amazing new straw-bale, LEED-certified Passivhauses. But what about the existing houses? There are over a hundred million of those in the US alone. True, some homeowners are insulating and air-sealing their houses, installing solar panels, and buying local materials wherever possible. That’s awesome too. But what about renters? What can they do to help?

That’s where we want to make a difference. What if your landlord was committed to making carbon-neutral, fossil fuel-free, environmentally sensitive housing, and renting it to you? What if your landlord tried to reuse existing housing and materials wherever possible? What if your landlord cared about your opinions and your values? That’s the landlord we want to be.

We also believe a green lifestyle should be fun. It’s easy to be all doom-and-gloom about environmental issues because they are incredibly serious. But we think it’s more effective to roll up our sleeves and do something about the problem, and also try to have fun as we do it. That’s why our slogan is Rent Green, Be Happy! Make your living needs part of the solution to global warming, not part of the problem!

Want to know more? Read about our process for converting buildings.

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