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Meet the passionate team behind Viridius.

Stuart Staniford – President

Stuart has a PhD in Physics, a Master’s in Computer Science, and has spent twenty years doing computer security for a living. But Stuart has always had a second life with a strong interest in environmental issues. In his twenties, he lived in an early retrofit cohousing community, N St Cohousing, in his thirties at Marsh Commons Cohousing, and later he spent copious early mornings blogging about peak oil and climate change at The Oil Drum and Early Warning.

At Viridius Property, Stuart is spread-sheet wrangler in chief. He makes sure the money and the carbon emissions are both where they are supposed to be, tracks new technologies we need to explore, and sets overall strategy.

Zöe Hare – Vice President

Zöe knows how to make a house into a home. She is both artistic, with a keen eye for design, and practical in her take on how to make spaces serve the complex needs of families. She understands what makes a space beautiful, functional, yet comfortable, and is excited to make your rental the best possible experience for you and your family.

Zöe’s background includes formal study in Anthropology and Literature, with study and experience in sustainable living systems and permaculture, intentional community living, traditional domestic arts, such as sewing and food preservation, and formal entertaining. Zöe’s concept of successful domesticity is also fueled by a life long passion for the fine arts, architecture, design, decorative arts, food, and entertaining across cultures.

Her excitement about creating fossil-fuel free properties for discerning renters is palpable to everyone at Viridius, So watch out, because Zöe’s passion for the “Rent Green, Be Happy” ideal makes her an incredibly persuasive advocate – if she shows you a house, you might as well give up and sign the lease already!

Becky Waring – Office Manager

Becky is Viridius Property’s zen master amidst the pandemonium of operating an experimental real estate startup. Her incredible organizational skills are the reason why 8 different colors of highlighters and post-it notes exist. Her academic background in mathematics and experience in finance ensure that Viridius Property is well-positioned to undertake our energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

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