Here's what we do:

  1. We identify buildings for sale in our target area. We often attempt to purchase historical buildings in order to preserve the Queen Anne architectural style common to upstate New York. We have recently completed several restorations, including that of a commercial office building built before 1888 — around the time community figures such as Ezra Cornell, co-founder of Cornell University, and George Livermore, co-founder of the iconic Ithaca Gun Company, owned properties on that block.
  2. We complete energy audits and modeling in order to identify any inefficiencies and then create our energy efficiency improvement plan. Sometimes the houses are uninsulated, almost always they are drafty, sometimes they have old appliances, water heaters, or plumbing fixtures. We fix all this stuff and make our rentals as efficient as these older structures can be. We generally achieve huge energy savings, cutting the energy usage by 50 to 65 percent!
  3. We rip out all systems that rely on fossil fuels and replace them with systems that don’t. That could involve everything from installing pellet boilers to super-efficient, air-source heat-pumps. If a property has adequate access to sunlight, we’ll put solar panels in. If not, we’ll pair it up with another property that does and coordinate electricity delivery with our micro-solar grid. We may supplement with commercially sourced renewable electricity to ensure you always have the highest-quality service. One way or another, we end up with no fossil-fuel usage, and all renewable energy sources for these properties. This is the part we love – one less house or office melting the Arctic.
  4. We clean up properties and do renovations with eco-friendly materials. Maybe the property needs new carpet, maybe that filthy bathroom from 1972 just needs to go, almost always, non-VOC paint is needed. Landscaping with local plants is designed, garden beds for tenant use are created. Maybe an extra window or two will turn a dark cave into a pleasant airy room. Where possible, we prefer to salvage and repair. Whatever it takes to make it a clean, beautiful place to live and work.
  5. Finally, we invite you to share in our mission to fight global warming by taking the step to reduce your housing and work carbon footprint. We look forward to your joining us!

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